Sunday, February 22, 2009

At Last!!!!!!!

It's been over 11 months since we moved out of our first home. All of our belongings have been in storage and I have missed them so:) Friday was finally the big day, our movers arrived with all of our stuff- yippee! It was unexpectedly very emotional for me. Once I saw the first box I just started to weep. It's been a very long 11 months, with many ups and downs. I have certainly learned a great deal during this process. I know now that all of this is just stuff. We can get along without it, but boy does it feel nice to have it all back:) As I unpacked each box, I was amazed. I really had forgotten all of the beautiful things we had accumulated and received as gifts. We are sooooo blessed and I feel very grateful. When we sold our first house last March, I really did not know where we would end up. I am relieved that everything worked out and we were able to endure life's curve balls......albeit not easy:)


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