Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a little while since my last post, and as usual lots of changes. We just came back from our vacation to Florida, visiting my in-laws. We had great weather but it was far from relaxing......Let's just say I need a vacation:) While we were away, Cooper had her toe amputated. Unfortunately the meds weren't working, so we had no choice. She's doing well now, she just looks like a train wreck. She has the e-collar on, bandage on her foot, stitches in her face.....To boot, she decided she no longer wanted her food. We started to get concerned and then found out the vet had been giving her baby food mixed in w/ her regular food while we were on vacation. She was SUPER SPOILED!!!! Her stitches come out Thursday, I can't wait for her to get back to normal.
This week I started my new position at work. So far everyone is very warm and welcoming, but I'm still pretty overwhelmed. I'm managing 12 people and have projects of my own.....I'm just going to do my best and try to keep my cool. Scott also started working days instead of nights, so we're both adjusting. I'm happy we can have dinner together again:)
So with all this comotion, today I'm taking it easy, cleaning, cooking and hoping to shop this afternoon. Tomorrow my brother and his family are coming over to see our new house, looking forward to seeing them and showing them our new digs.


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